What is Entrepreneurship?

By definition, entrepreneurship is the creation of a business for the purpose
of generating revenue, usually done while taking on some level of risk. While
entrepreneurs throughout history have been recognized, acknowledged, and
in some cases, even idolized for their contributions to society and the
economy, the reality is that most entrepreneurs are just people like you and

I am Paul Edalat, Chairman, Founder, and CEO of Vivera Pharmaceuticals.
Among these many accolades and titles that I hold, at my core, I am an
entrepreneur. While I have successfully established a business with the goal
of generating revenue, it has not been without its fair share of risks,
adversity, and disappointment. But isn’t all of that part of entrepreneurship?

Passion and Belief: Cornerstones of Entrepreneurial Success

Do you think that Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, or Henry Ford woke up one morning
and were immediately recognized around the world for their innovative
thinking and entrepreneurial spirit? No. It required years of trial and error,
forward-thinking, grit, and grind. Tom Brady, Serena Williams, Kobe Bryant,
Jackie Robinson, and many others are just some of the names we are all
familiar with because of their inordinate ability, prosperity, and public
persona. But they all started out as forward-thinkers with an idea and a
dream. Some may have considered their ideas and dreams outlandish,
impossible, and even CRAZY but the thoughts and opinions of others did not
allow these go-getters to be derailed from their course. While they are
admired for their accomplishments, and many of those who follow in their
footsteps aspire to achieve such recognition, each renowned influencer
embodies what it means to be an entrepreneur: passion, belief, discipline,
and hard work.

If you have not already done so, I ask you to think more carefully about these
two very simple words, passion and belief, and where yours lie. What about
some of the influencers and leaders I have mentioned above sets them apart
from others? What makes their belief systems or experiences any more
profound than others? What makes these business people stand out from the
millions of others looking to create a better life for themselves and their
families? Regardless of what others may have thought, these entrepreneurs
have that entrepreneurial spirit in common; the dedication and commitment
to do what they enjoy and the conviction that it is possible—passion and

Empowering Every Dream

As an entrepreneur who wants to “shake up the way things were done
before” these foundational guiding principles have undoubtedly brought me
to where I am today. Although these trailblazers are considered pioneers or
influencers in their field of expertise, they are no different than you and I.
Each of us has what it takes to become an entrepreneur and establish
ourselves among the ranks of those who stand out. I believe wholeheartedly
that it doesn’t take a master’s degree, a doctorate, or even a genius level of
intellect. A dream and a desire are the fuel for anyone to become a
successful entrepreneur.

I believe in the American dream and the ideal that embodies what it means
to live the American dream; everyone has an equal opportunity to achieve
their highest aspirations. I take this very seriously and have taken every
opportunity that has presented itself to me to strive and push forward toward
what I want. Ultimately, my passion for health and wellness and the mindset
of an athlete have laid the foundation for my entrepreneurial journey and
been my guiding star leading me to create many more opportunities for
myself and others. For me, entrepreneurship is more than about profit but
rests on creating solutions that prioritize the health and well-being of people
over profits.

My passion and belief have led me to create Vivera Pharmaceuticals,
providing innovative solutions for people, regardless of wealth, race, or
socioeconomic status. I will continue to be a forward-thinker, forging the way
for others to pursue their passions and believing that we can all create the
life we want by following our entrepreneurial spirit.

Paul Edalat

Paul Edalat

With more than 30 years in brand and product development experience, Paul Edalat has a strong expertise in business development and growth opportunities. As Chairman of the Board and CEO of Vivera Pharmaceuticals, Paul Edalat is revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry.

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