3 Tips to Stay Motivated

I’ve been in the health and wellness business for over 30 years. During this time, many of the people I have worked with have since retired while I have remained in the game. I was recently reminded of this fact while meeting with the son of one of my former business clients. His father had retired, and now the son was running the company as his own. While being in this business for decades hasn’t been easy, I’ve managed to continue working hard to make a difference. Here are 3 tips to stay motivated; tips I’ve utilized countless times during my career.

1. Challenge Yourself.

Challenging yourself is crucial to having longevity in your chosen career path. Although you might have already found some success, that doesn’t mean you should sit back and stop giving your all. Instead, it’s essential to continue to challenge yourself so that your dreams and ambitions come to fruition.

If I didn’t challenge myself at every point in my business career, my life would be mundane. At Vivera Pharmaceuticals, I enjoy being the CEO and being on the floor every day. Although this role is demanding, it allows me to support my team and challenge myself with helping create new technologies to help patients in need of new therapies.

2. Give Yourself Constructive Criticism.

There is no such thing as 100% because there is always room for improvement. When you look at something you accomplished, you should be able to give yourself constructive criticism to improve in the future. Improvements are not a failure; they are ways to help you in the future.

I am my own biggest critic, not because I doubt my decisions, but because I always want to learn and grow from my experiences.

3. Stay Healthy.

Being in the health and wellness industry has taught me that having a healthy mind and body is vital to success. If you wake up every day and prioritize your mental and physical wellbeing, you set yourself up for success in all aspects of life. It’s that simple.

I make sure to maintain a healthy mind by practicing mindfulness and staying in touch with those I care for, and I also take care of my physical health by eating well and staying in shape. When I take care of myself, I automatically feel better inside and out, allowing me to put my best effort into my career.

The Importance

After three decades in business, I know the importance of staying motivated and avoiding burnout. It’s easy to get caught up in your internal struggles and forget the fundamentals; however, when my visions come to light, I know I am moving in the right direction.  Using these 3 tips to stay motivated, I’ve been able to carve new pathways and make visions reality.

One recent example of this is Vivera’s development of ZICOH®.  ZICOH® is a patented device that provides dose-controlled drug delivery to prevent prescription abuse. I was inspired to create a device like ZICOH® after watching my brother’s battle with cancer. However, it was just an idea in my head for years. I challenged myself to assemble a talented team to help make my vision a reality. ZICOH® went through many iterations and rounds of feedback to get it where it is today. I am so thankful that I never stopped pursuing this dream.

Innovative breakthroughs like ZICOH® and so many other inventions are made possible through sheer determination. I’m proof that it’s never too late to achieve new heights in your career—you have to stay motivated and never quit.

Paul Edalat

Paul Edalat

With more than 30 years in brand and product development experience, Paul Edalat has a strong expertise in business development and growth opportunities. As Chairman of the Board and CEO of Vivera Pharmaceuticals, Paul Edalat is revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry.

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