The Symbolic Meaning of The Lion

I often get asked about my interest in lions. Some people might think that it is the whole “King of the Jungle” stereotype. The one that many in the business world like to portray. But the symbolic meaning of the lion goes beyond that. Those born under the zodiac sign Leo are confident, ambitious, and natural-born leaders, just like the lion that represents them. These are the traits that I’ve tried to exhibited throughout my entrepreneurial career.

famous leos

Several Leos at the intersection of athletics and business have inspired me, like Earvin “Magic” Johnson and Arnold Schwarzenegger. They have both been strong and ambitious leaders and made significant impacts in their respective fields.

Two-time inductee into the Basketball Hall of Fame and Olympic gold-medalist, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, led the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) Los Angeles Lakers to five championships. Not only was Magic a true leader on the court, but following his HIV diagnosis in 2001, Magic helped shape a pathway to end the stigma behind those infected with HIV. In addition, he seamlessly transitioned from on-court success to becoming a successful businessman and philanthropist. 

Schwarzenegger, who is considered one of the most influential figures in the history of bodybuilding, built his legacy with the creation of the Arnold Sports Festival, an annual event in which over 20,000 athletes from around the globe compete in dozens of sporting events. He subsequently parlayed his status as a world-class athlete by becoming one of the biggest box-office successes, ultimately moving on to be the governor of California. 

These two titans are the epitome of what it means to be a Leo. It doesn’t matter the arena or the challenge; their ambition and drive helped them achieve success repeatedly. 

Confidence, Ambition, and Leadership

Like other Leos, I’ve always strived to be an inspirational leader. I am someone who can take on any challenge, deliver when it counts, and be there when my family and team need me the most. This drive to be a leader dates back to when I was fifteen. Following my parents’ divorce, I assumed the role of “man of the house.” Even though no one asked me to become a provider, I started working several jobs to help support my mother and younger siblings. That’s who I am. That’s what leaders do.

Similar to my family life, I have taken on countless roles as a leader in business throughout my professional career. As Chairman of the Board and CEO of Vivera Pharmaceuticals, I’m leading my talented, dedicated team.  We are conducting innovative research and develop products that will help with opioid deterrence and cessation of non-addictive solutions for pain management. Before my career in pharmaceuticals, I also ran several companies in the Health and Wellness industry, where I helped revolutionize nutritional products. 

From a young age, I have worked hard for my success as an entrepreneur. My confidence, ambition, and passion drive me to be the leader I am today. However, no matter how much I achieve or where my business ventures take me, I always care for my loved ones and those around me. I am a proud Leo.

Paul Edalat

Paul Edalat

With more than 30 years in brand and product development experience, Paul Edalat has a strong expertise in business development and growth opportunities. As Chairman of the Board and CEO of Vivera Pharmaceuticals, Paul Edalat is revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry.

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